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Central to the Per°Form Open Academy of Arts and Activations is the marathon. Arelaxed and casual urban picnic set in a hammock cafe. Here, 14 Fellows tell stories of situated practices. Each is a window to 14 different worlds. 14 inventive, funny and riotous ways to activate possible futures. Stay for as long as you desire. Leave the picnic and then return again later. The urban picnic ends with a feast at The Commune Banquet - a convivial chatter over a meal.

Per°Form Open Academy of Arts and Activations is the inaugural live gathering of14 Per°Form Fellows from the Global South – Africa, Arab World, Asia-Pacific, the Caribbean, South America – and its diaspora. These Fellows, intersectional practitioners across diverse disciplines of curation, research, education, visual culture, performance, will present their strategies for activating contexts and communities. Per°Form is conceptualised and led by T:>Works Artistic Director, Dr.Ong Keng Sen.

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  • For more information on Per°Form Open Academy of Arts and Activations, visit performfellowship.org. 

  • For any enquiries, email ticketing.tworks@gmail.com or call at 6737 7213.

Date & Time
Thursday, 15 February 2024
Start - 11:00 (Singapore)
Sunday, 31 March 2024
End - 01:00 (Singapore)

72-13 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 239007

--72-13 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 239007--
--72-13 Mohamed Sultan Rd, Singapore 239007--
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+65 67377213

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